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Mr. Henry Isla

It is with a great sense of pride to tell you that after being the Chief Executive Officer of this exceptional Company for 12 long years, the journey has made a big difference in my life. In the past years, when I had the privilege to lead this Company in an executive capacity, I had the center seat to work and witness the evolution and its remarkable growth. FULRUBELL CORPORATION is in a promising industry where demand for technology continues to expand. We basically focus on building partnerships with long-term customers and pursuing productive business relationship with world-class suppliers, while keeping up with our targets to a realistic and reasonable extent.

“The Company has been through a lot of challenges since it started, but through the strong bond and cooperation of our people, we are continually improving our products and services putting more value on the amount of investments our clients have entrusted us.”

We make sure that we do not just show good selling skills and excellent marketing strategies, but we also provide the commitment and passion to take care of our client’s need through impressive after sales service.

We acknowledge each customer’s needs as we are a customer centric company, delivering them superior experience at anytime and anywhere. FULRUBELL CORPORATION is also driven to enhance and uplift the lives of its employees.

We believe that people are the greatest resources of an organization, and empowering them will create amazing results. Reflecting on the long history of our company’s success, our team has done it! We are doing it today, and will continue to do it again….

Our company will continue to focus on setting the bar high enough for us to accelerate the standards and potentials of each individual. We will continue to drive a culture that believes in growing talents, developing potentials, investing in developments, while anticipating the future needs of our customers.

“I am looking forward for a better future for everyone, and with the leadership of the new teams we created, I foresee and strongly believe that Fulrubell’s best days are yet to come.”

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Copyright © 2009-2018 Fulrubell Corporation. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2009-2018 Fulrubell Corporation.

All rights reserved.