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We believe in the importance of quality is critical in the satisfaction of our clients. This is one thing that we do not ever compromise. Our commitment to quality is unquestionable and our customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

This translates very well with the products we showcase; top of the line, world class quality standard. We don’t settle for anything less than amazing.

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Electrical & Electronic Products

The very basics of circuit components: Resistor, Inductors, Capacitors, Transistors and more. We provide these components to enable our clients to design and create the equipment and devices they want to develop for their own markets.

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Power Products

Providing power to client’s equipment, building or anything that requires a clean, stable and reliable power source. To ensure their operational requirements whatever the conditions are

  • Rectifier – Transforms and cleans up the electricity from AC mains so that equipment requiring DC power can have a stable power source.
  • Batteries – Together with the Generator Set (GenSet), it tackles the problem of power outages in remote areas and bad weather. Ensuring that equipment remains operational for a limited amount of time.
  • Genset – Another backup plan to when power is out. GenSets transform mechanical energy into electrical energy that can be used to ensure equipment does not shut down if a power interruption occurs.
  • UPS From small to big, personal to enterprise. We provide UPS systems that allows equipment to: run for a short amount if Primary Source is lost or change to Secondary Power Source (Genset & Battery). It also has the additional benefit of protecting equipment from power surges.
  • Renewable Energy
  • Fuel Cell Similar to batteries, fuel cells are energy storage devices. It provides power to devices in a much cleaner way by harnessing the power from chemical energy from the electromechanical reaction of hydrogen fuel with oxygen or other oxidizing agents.
  • Battery Tester – to ensure the batteries condition we employ Battery testing equipment that lets us know several battery conditions. Such as: Charge level, charging current, discharging current, etc.

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Networking Products

Delivering digital information to our clients transmitting ones and zeroes, may it be through copper, radio or fiber.

  • Telephone Sets One of the most basic forms of electronic communication. We provide telephone set that enable quick, simple and clear communication for our clients.
  • Modem Routers – Our modems allow information our clients want to send to traverse network boundaries and reach their recipient. May it be on the next street or the next

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Kasda Products
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Copyright © 2009-2018 Fulrubell Corporation.

All rights reserved.