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Speed & Precision

Everybody has a need for speed. That is why our services are more attractive because we value precision and service in no time. We aim to deliver above our clients’ expectations day in and day out. Here in Fulrubell Corporation, precision is more than just a name… it is a commitment.

A commitment to pursue excellence no matter what the situation presents. Talk to us, let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to serve.

Our guarantee is that you will receive world class quality service you won’t regret.

Fulrubell Corporation has been in the industry since 2006, it provides various types of services and delivers various goods for nationwide telecom company.

As a back-up power supply for the sites which provides signal to our telephones, Fulrubell is committed to provide nationwide installation with fast, reliable and good product and services. We have equipped our manpower with international trainings and seminar for safety, and ideal installation technics. Our technical personnel assured that all equipment and materials were available and ready and available to use when needed. Consumable goods that are necessary for the installation are continuously reproduced and shipped both local and international to support the needs of our clients. On-field installers use safety gears and well-rounded with the rules and laws of electrical code and other safety requirements for every installation. We assured to deliver the best of our best to satisfy all our client’s desires.

Battery Services

Battery Installation

With the largest team of trained service technicians in the industry, we offer a complete battery replacement services including removal and disposal and battery installation services.

These services are available for any UPS or telecommunications applications within the Philippines.

Battery Maintenance

We will help ensure that your back-up batteries will deliver maximum power when needed. Batteries are being monitored and checked every now and then to ensure the best performance of your batteries.

A maintenance check every once in a while will ensure that your batteries are in optimum condition all the time. 

Genset Services

Generator Installation

Our helpful, qualified and certified technicians who have thorough knowledge and understanding who always comply with standard operating procedures, applicable codes and regulations on Generator installation will be at your service to make things easy and safe for you.

Generator Maintenance

When the unit is inspected and exercised regularly, it continues to deliver consistent output as per expectations. Proactive maintenance also helps in detecting damages and defects at an early stage allowing preventive measures to be taken in a timely fashion. 

Other Services

CSMP – Cell Site Management Program

It is better for big companies to get help and assistance from a well-known company who can do the work for them. There’s a lot that goes in cell site management and  we can help you with all while saving cost.


We provide the whole solution to you for all your logistic needs. From Warehousing, freight forwarding and warehouse management. We aim to help our clients save time and cost in order for them to focus on what’s need to be prioritized.

Electrical- Mechanical and Civil Construction

We aim to provide the best service for your engineering needs, our team of engineers and technicians are best at what they do making sure we are both successful with the project implementation and satisfying our clients.

Tell Us What You Need

Feel free to contact us anytime during office hours, we’d be happy to assist.

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Copyright © 2009-2018 Fulrubell Corporation. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2009-2018 Fulrubell Corporation.

All rights reserved.